Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sequim, WA

We moved on to the Elks lodge in Sequim where we boondocked in their lovely field for $6 a night.  This was the quietest place we've stayed in a long time.  And because it was the first place all summer where the temperature hit the 80s, we were very happy with our afternoon shade.

We had one more hike we wanted to do in Olympic National Park.  We had hiked it four years ago with a local WIN who took us to the trail head.  Now it was up to us to remember where it was.  

We certainly remembered the 9-mile, gravel road up to Deer Park that took 1/2 hour to drive.  Then it was a matter of driving around until something looked familiar.  Well, that didn't work very well.  Finally, I asked some young ladies who were staying in the campground if they knew the trails in the area.  Luckily one had a detailed map and between my description and her map and memory, we decided it began on the Three Forks trail, then changed to the Deer Ridge trail.

The wonderful things about this hike are the minimal elevation change and the spectacular views.

The Olympic Mountains didn't get much snow this past winter.  In comparison, here is a picture from our hike four years ago and a month later in the year.

After about a mile of perfection, the trail heads into the trees and downhill.

I discovered later that the trail continues for another 3 1/2 miles with an elevation drop of 2856 feet.  I'm glad we didn't go on.

Back we went, with me taking all the same pictures again.

Wait!  There's a log I didn't see before.

One more before I quit.  

It's one of my favorite trails and the views begin almost at the trail head.  You don't even have to go the measly mile in that we did.  However after that drive up, we had to at least hike as long as we drove.

We also took our bikes out for a spin while in Sequim.  They have an outstanding bike path that fits my primary requirement for a bike path - it's level.  Unfortunately there was a bridge out which required a 5-mile detour.  Although the detour was still level, by the time we finished, we were already half-tired, so we didn't get to do much of the lovely path.  

One thing I forgot to mention from our time in Port Angeles was our meeting up with fellow bloggers Dave and Marcia.  Dave writes an entertaining and informative blog that I've been reading for some time now.  Happily they happened to come our way enabling us to meet.  As all bloggers agree, this is always a fun time.  You already feel like you know each other and are comfortable immediately.  Dave is just as interesting in person and, I have to say it, Marcia is a hoot!  I was so glad that our paths crossed.


  1. After an exhausting day yesterday at Butchart Gardens, we moved to Klahowya N.F. Campground and it is just as good (even better) than Heart of the Hills near Port Angeles...great site, fewer people, just as thick and dark as Heart of the Hills. Nice meeting you two too...take care. --Dave and the "hoot"

  2. I like no elevation gain trails huffing and puffing is no fun! Beautiful mountain views...Glad you got your bikes out for a spin! How does one join Elks, and do you have to display some sort of emblem to park on their grounds?

  3. I loved your picture of the log you forgot. You cracked me up with that one. Meeting with other bloggers is always so much fun.

  4. I would have been very disappointed had you not taken that picture of the log. :cD

  5. We never did make it up much from sea level when we were in that neck of the woods ... I see we missed some great views.

  6. Glad you decided to take the hike after the long drive. What great views.