Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elwha Dam Gone

Construction on the Elwha Dam was finished in 1913 and demolished for habitat restoration 100 years later.  This is the site of the former lake above the dam.

Although it might not look as pretty as the former lake, according to the naturalists, the Elwha River is actually much healthier now.  The demolition was pretty interesting, the first part being done by an excavator on a barge..

For those of you who like statistics, here are some dam facts.

We understand the salmon have returned to the Elwha and native plants are being introduced into the lake area.

We traveled farther up the road to the observation point.  Not surprisingly, we were the only ones there.

Although our parking spot in the Moose lot in Port Angeles is right on a major road, it is very quiet at night.  I guess they roll up the sidewalks at 9 o'clock.  We have our own blackberry patch.

Although we're not wild about blackberries because of all the seeds, we'll take anything that's free!


  1. Free is my favorite four letter word. :c)

  2. How cool about the dam and the area where the lake was still looks quite wet wonder how long it will take to completely return to its natural state, YUM on the blackberries...They freeze so easy just put in a single layer on a cookie sheet let them freeze then put in a baggie and you can get them out one by one when you want to decorate your breakfast cereal.

  3. I love blackberries............and what a beautiful area you guys are in.

  4. Yikes! I can't imagine being on that barge, tearing down the dam. What if we went over the lowered dam and down the waterfall?

  5. I would have thought those barges would have been pushed over by all that water.