Sunday, August 9, 2015

Water and Flowers

First the water. We took a loop drive up to Bellingham past pretty Lake Samish.  Funny, we were anticipating a lovely drive along the lakeshore, but found very few places where the lake was visible through the trees.  This was one.

Because we bought the Washington State Parks annual pass, we've been hitting each one we see, even if we just drive in and turn around.  After all, we have to get our $30 worth.  Larrabee State Park offered a short trail to a pretty view of Samish Bay.

Somebody even painted the tunnel under the road.  I loved that.

As for the flowers, when we met up with Dave and Marcia, they suggested a visit to the WSU Discovery Garden in Mount Vernon.  What a beautiful place!

The berries were ripe and we even sampled a couple.  These are clove currents.

I love the showy hydrangea flowers!

I don't know what this is, but just look at the color!

Here's Ron inspecting the huge sunflower head.

What a pretty gladiola!

They even had a barrel of carnivorous plants.

We really enjoyed the garden.  Thanks to Dave and Marcia for the suggestion.


  1. Two lovely places to visit ... love the first two photos of the lake.

  2. We have not got a pass yet, but something tells me we will return and spend more time in Washington in the future.

  3. Awesome! That flower may be a Dahlia but I couldn't see the leaves in the photo so not sure...I tried to grow the pitcher plants in a pot they got up to about an inch and then died.

  4. Bet there weren't too many flies around with those Venus Flytraps. I think I need some of them. :c)