Friday, August 7, 2015


We stayed two nights at the Escapee Park in Chimacum.  We arrived just in time for their hot dog and root beer float lunch.  Yummy!  We got two of the last three hot dogs, so they were good and charred.  Just the way we like them.  It's a really pretty park, but I have to confess that the main reason we stopped was for the cheap laundry.  We did four loads for a total of $6!

We got a little exercise by taking the 2-mile trail around nearby Anderson Lake.

There were lots of signs of wildlife, like these 1/8 holes all over this dead tree.

Did you know that sapsuckers drill holes like these, then visit them for the sap and the insects it attracts? Really!

I was very surprised to see an alligator in the lake.  Ron thought it was just a log, but I'm sticking to my opinion.

Now that's a holey tree.

We stopped at Mystery Beach,

Where I guess the mystery is why the beach is completely covered in shells?

And we admired the pretty 100-year-old buildings in Port Townsand.

But we weren't done yet.  We also met back up with some of the WINs and went to Taco Night at the Elks.  Hilarity ensued.


  1. I think it's not a alligator, its the Loch Ness Monster on a holiday... :cD

  2. Y'all should of split that 3rd dog! I Taco night sounds good too! I have a very good vegan Taco recipe~ you wouldn't be able to tell the difference!