Monday, August 3, 2015

Hurricane Ridge

One day we drove up Hurricane Ridge Road to the end and hiked up to what was billed as a 360 degree view.  I think it was slightly less that a full 360, but the whole trail was nothing but views.

Since we broke my favorite camera, I'm using a old backup camera.  You might notice why I replaced it.  It sometimes has what looks like fingerprints in the upper right corner.  Adds character.

This is a cirque - a bowl-shaped, steep-walled mountain basin carved by glaciation.

If you look hard enough, you can see our trail way back on the next hill.

At the top, finally, looking northwest.

Ron doing his king-of-the-mountain pose with the view to the east.

To the west, Mount Olympus at 7979 feet peeks out from behind the closer range.

And we could see Mount Baker shining from 50 miles away to the northeast.


  1. What an thrilling view! It didnt look too steep a hike either! a 50 mile view is pretty darn good!

  2. Spectacular views. And a lot different from what we hope to see when we go to Hurricane, Utah next month. What camera is broken? The small one you got such good photos from? These sure aren't shabby.

  3. Aah yes ... I remember those spots from your previous camera. Hike with a view ... the best kind.