Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back into Montana

Beginning our trip south and east (we have to be in Denver area on August 26 for a reservation - yes, I know, hard to believe that we made one), we took US 2 into Montana as far as Libby.  On the way, we stopped at the pulloff for Kootenai Falls.  After a short walk, we were wowed by the amount of water pouring over the falls.

To get the full effect, turn up the volume on your computer and check out this short video.


The rippled rock is a sign of an ancient lake or ocean shore.

As the river cut through the rock, it left some interesting cliffs.

Nearby is a very cool swinging bridge (maximum 5 people).
 (See Ron waving?)

And once again, I was stopped by an unusual tree trunk.

We continued to follow the Kootenai River about 15 miles east of Libby to Lake Koocanusa where we stayed in a FREE Corps of Engineers campground.  Of course, you don't get anything but a dumpster, but that's all we need!  We were at the southernmost campground along the river.

Although you can't see it in the previous picture, there's a white head in one of the trees on that island.  At first I thought it was an osprey, but no . . .

It's always a thrill to see an eagle.

The visitors center at the dam was very elaborate and interesting.  You could tour the dam, but we declined.

Lake Koocanusa, named for the Kootenai River, Canada, and USA, is 48 miles from the dam to the Canadian border and extends 42 miles into British Columbia.

Now THAT'S a lake!


  1. Looks like a place we should visit. We are in West Glacier. We may give it a try.

  2. Pictures are amazing! What a beautiful scenery!

  3. Nice shot of the eagle, and as you said, always a thrill.

  4. I'm always thrilled to see an Eagle, too. Pictures are beautiful, as always.

  5. Great eagle shot!! You always find the best spots...I've never seen y'all stuck in a crowded campground!! What's your secret?

  6. Free is good! And with an eagle thrown in, what a super bargain!

  7. That is indeed a lake. I never tire of seeing eagles in the wild.