Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bishop Castle

Located high in the mountains of the San Isabel National Forest, southwest of Pueblo, Colorado, is one of those roadside attractions that just have to be seen to be appreciated.  Bishop Castle is a lifetime project of Jim Bishop.  He bought the land for $450 and has been building his 'castle' since he was 15.  It's truly awe-inspiring.

The tallest tower (so far) is 160 feet.

I liked the dragon guard.

Here's a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop from 1967.
(Quite a hunk, huh?)

He was an iron worker so there's plenty of decorative iron in the castle.

As well as pretty windows that I believe were donated.

In this view from the back, you can see a bridge to an uncompleted tower.

Which I had to walk out on.  (I watched other people do it first to see if it was safe.)

Here's Ron in that iron ball way up on top.

The 72-year-old Mr. Bishop wasn't there the day we visited, but he has lots of signs around so you won't be in any doubt about his strong political views.  I just think it's amazing that one man can devote his whole life to a project.  Not the first time we've seen such a thing, but it's always impressive.


  1. Amazing he has such a wonderful imagination and is allowing it to guide him!

  2. We've driven by the castle but never stopped. Interesting.