Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poudre Canyon

Before landing in Denver area, we made a brief stop in pretty Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins.

The river is officially named Cache la Poudre, named for some French trappers who buried gunpowder along the river in the 1820s.

In places, the canyon gets pretty narrow.

Since it was mid week, we had our choice of campsites.

We enjoyed a pleasant hike up Hewlett Gulch.

It involved many stream crossings.

Some of which were easier than others.

And now I'm again way behind with my posting since I didn't blog at all during the 11 days we spent with Ron's family in Denver.  But there will be some cute pictures coming up.


  1. Blogging has to take a back seat to family fun. You balanced real good on those boards.

  2. Enjoyed your blog and glad you got time to spend with your family.

  3. trying to catch up a bit....awesome country there in that area my sisters dog Jim is from Ft Collins thats where she rescued him from...Love that shot of you with your happy face!