Monday, March 31, 2008

Pecos, TX

Today we drove into Pecos, Texas - a town that every kid in America knows is full of rowdy cowboys and fast-draw lawmen. I was pretty excited.

In 1883, Pecos was the scene of a cowboy contest that was the forerunner of today's rodeo.

This overpass on I20 grabs the curious traveler.

I suppose that now we're in Texas, this is just the first of all the Texas-sized items we'll see.

The name of the laundromat got my attention.

But the picture on the side of the building interested Ron.

Unfortunately, we didn't actually see any cowboys or lawmen. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Is that an angel waiting for their laundry?

  2. Looks as if she waited too long to wash clothes and had nothing to wear.