Monday, August 30, 2010

Project Time

As I mentioned before, we stayed on Ted and Mary Ellen's property during our visit outside of Show Low. Ted kindly came up with a project that Ron could help him with while we were there.

Here's Ted assembling the plumbing for under the planned pump house project.

Ron showed his skill with a hammer.

Then he sent Ted to town for supplies so he could have ALL the fun.

They got all four walls up before we left on Sunday. Pretty nifty, huh?

Mary Ellen invited us and several others for a terrific dinner on our last night. Here are the guys - Pete, Walter, Roy, and Ron.

And the girls - Heidi, Joey, and Sally - who, like the three wise monkeys, see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. Aren't they just a wild and crazy bunch? Actually the women were so boisterous that the poor men couldn't even talk.

My assignment was to arrange the fruit plate. I think I did a good job. Hey, maybe I do have some artistic talent. Or maybe it only appears when food is involved.

Heidi said she didn't understand our compulsion to take pictures of food. As Joey's daughter, maybe she's just too young to appreciate our fascination with food. (Or maybe she just doesn't have a blog to try to fill.)

Although I missed getting a shot of Mary Ellen and Ted at the dinner, here they are the next morning - still smiling. They are standing in front of one of their many juniper bushes which seem to be juniper trees in this high desert environment.

Carol asked if the desert was all green this year from the plentiful rainfall. The answer is yes! In fact we have never seen it so green - just look at the grass in this picture. This is not cultivated, but native grasses.

Then on Sunday, off Ron went in a cloud of dust while I followed in the car at a clean distance. One time we didn't disconnect on our way in and the car looked like it had gone though a dust storm.

We were sorry to leave since we have so many good friends there - most of whom we have known for years through the WIN organization. But as every good RVer knows, there are more adventures waiting just around the corner and we need to experience all we can.


  1. Loved having you here and you're both welcome ANY time!!!! I'll post the whole construction story of the pump house when it is completed. Your pictures are just great!!!!

  2. I've always said - that Ron is one very clever guy!