Sunday, August 8, 2010


Pardon me while I brag about how clever Ron is. The situation was this - With limited seating in the RV, sometimes we sit at opposite ends of the sofa with our feet up and sharing the center.

The problem was that one end only had a small section of wall for back support . . .

Which made it an effort to stay on the sofa and resulted in ungraceful falls like this one.

Ron cut a board the proper size and mounted it firmly in place. (I did help with the covering project.)

Which made a nice, sturdy back support for me. What a guy! (You can tell he's really bored, right?)

We also got to watch our neighbor get all these lovely solar panels! How exciting! The power goes right to the grid and if he contributes more than he uses, he gets paid! I wanted to sign up immediately, but Ron wants to see how it all works out for Cliff first.

Both his house and ours even face north so the panels are on the back - perfect!

We're starting preparations to leave and hope to be on the road next Friday if everything works out.


  1. That's one of those jack knife benches isn't it? We had one on our other MH and I hated it. Most uncomfortable thing to sit on. Where the heck did you find the matching material for Ron's backrest project???

  2. Good question, Ruth. He stole it from places where it wouldn't be noticed. :-) Actually this one is pretty comfortable, although I wouldn't want to sleep on it.

  3. We also enjoyed sitting on the jackknife couch in our last 5th wheel. And you are really going to get away? Yea!

  4. I love all the destination hints!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You really have the nerve to leave on Friday the 13th???

  6. I know you are excited to get getting out there Up hill and North as you say--HEY I was in the upholstery business for 26 yrs and thats a very fine job you guys did there!! I DID many motor home cushion projects over the years--TONS of work, but the owners were so happy to get fresh new covers on their Stuff!!
    I am very anxious to know the results of the solar panel installion, Ive been thinking we ALL NEED TO DO IT--but they are very expensive to purchase right?
    Safe Travels!!

  7. Does the new back rest stay there all the time or do you have to remove it when the slide is in?

    As usual, Ron is quite the clever innovator, he should be a consultant for RV builders. :c)

    Hope you get rolling soon, we miss your adventures!

  8. I hear I might be seeing you in a week or so. = )

    I love the back rest and I've thought of the solar panels for the house too. Looks interesting.

  9. Ron must be well. Hope to see you soon.

  10. I think we already knew Ron was creative. It looks terrific and finding matching material..WOW!