Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show Low Fun

Actually, we're not in Show Low, but between Show Low and Concho off Arizona hwy 61. We have friends who summer up here in the cool at 6700 feet, and some who live here year round.

On Saturday, we finished our climb up the Mogollon Rim to our destination.

We had no time to spare since we wanted to be here for the weekend to celebrate our friend Pete's 80th birthday.

And here's the birthday boy himself.

Pete is a legend with our WIN group. Although there are a lot of very helpful individuals in the organization, Pete is in a league of his own. First of all, he is a mechanical genius, but, even more amazing, he is always ready and willing to share that knowledge to help others with no thought of reward for himself. He is beloved by the WINs as evidenced by all the cards he received on this special occasion.

When he finally decided to replace his trademark work hat, somebody who shall remain nameless (Joey) picked it out of the trash and had it bronzed as a memorial. (Okay, it was spray painted, but it's the thought that counts.)

Here's Joey our hostess for the Saturday 'Happy Hour' where we enjoyed hot dogs with sides and trimmings. She was assisted by her daughter Heidi (no picture, sorry) and Jon (shown here) who was the hot dog grilling specialist.

We were really happy we arrived in time for the event.

Some of the happy hour participants.

Mary Ellen and Ted, who generously are allowing us to park on their property, have to be the most photogenic couple ever. They were in charge of the rest of the weekend. For more pictures on their blog, click here.

As evening fell, we moved to Ted and Mary Ellen's . . .

Where we continued the celebration with a fire. However this is not just an ordinary campfire, but what is referred to in the WIN group as a WIN candle. Ted prepared a log by cutting it into eight pie shaped pieces, leaving a couple inches uncut at the base. A piece of duct tape is twisted and inserted into the center to act as a wick. If you are Ted, you then squirt it with a little lighter fluid to ensure a good start.

From left are Mary Ellen, Ted (with Rebel) , Sally (with Annie), Sue, Sherri, and Pete's legs.

And Barb, Sally (hey, she was in the last picture!), Patricia, Don, Barbara, Donna, and Norm.

Once the candle burns down some it can be utilized to toast marshmallows or, for the more adventurous, as a means of gambling. Each participant ponies up a dollar and bets on which piece of the pie will fall first. It might be necessary to bring in an accountant to calculate odds and payouts.

Then on Sunday, Ted and Mary Ellen hosted a barbecue with scrumptious pulled pork sandwiches. Carol seems to be having fun talking to Bob and Pete.

From left, Sue, Sally, Taylor, and Donna are in a deep discussion. If you look closely, you can see Ron in the background going back for seconds on the food.

It was a truly amazing weekend and a fitting tribute to our wonderful Pete. We love you, Pete!


  1. Looks like you're making up for all the lost time sitting home. Glad to see you back out on the road.

    Love the "candle", I'll have to try that, it's pretty cool!

  2. Great picture of the Concho Candle campfire, and of all the great people too.

    Glad you are here.

  3. And still another use for duct tape! We will have to try that sometime.

  4. I LOVE reading another account of the same event! Everyone sees different things...and things differently! Love having you here. ;)

  5. What a great way to celebrate your 80th B-day!! You guys look very happy to be part of it! Great photos of the event!!
    Happy Birthday to Pete!

  6. Thanks for the pictures and the writeup - I was really sorry I missed it.