Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say What ?!?

Long, long ago (well, a couple months anyway), two of my stocking-painting friends and I went to a 'High Tea' and fashion show at a neighboring community center. While there, Carol suggested we should hold a 'what not to wear' fashion show. I added the suggestion for a 'Low Tea'. As for when to hold it, we all agreed - April Fools Day! Well, Carol is a born leader and was off and running. She and Ferne helped with a church rummage sale and acquired clothes and accessories that were too ugly to sell. It was really fun going through all the 'treasures' and picking our outfits. We served punch, bag lunches, and cookies on tables decorated with newspaper runners and centerpieces in baked bean cans.

But the fun was dressing up. I think as we age we are more easily entertained. Ferne's red dress had a bull's eye on the back. She tied a dart to it and when she spun around, the audience howled.

Storm went for the movie star look.

Susan and Jim depicted the well-dressed tourist couple.

I subscribed to the theory that 'more is more' with my cross between country girl and can-can dancer.

Even some of the audience came dressed in their finery. This is Grace. My favorite part of her outfit was the earring hanging off the nose piece of her glasses.


  1. OMG I can hear Stacy and Clinton now---lol I enjoy watching that show...HEY I think these ladies raided my closet my wardrobe is early bag lady--I HATE to shop so I just keep wearing the same stuff as long as I can get in it! NOT a good thing-
    I like Your country can-can and the Betty Rubble outfit too.
    I want a wide brim hiking hat like the one you have....

  2. What's wrong with any of those outfits? Every one would find a place of honor in my wardrobe.

    A person can't wear enough "Bling" these days! ;c)

  3. One of the wonderful things about growing older is that you can relax and enjoy who you are. Always like to see people playing.. keeps life interesting and people young.

  4. Glad to see that you are amusing yourself and us too!

  5. I love people who laugh...at themselves! Sounds like a good tie was had by all!!

  6. Oh, you're so adorable in the country girl can-can outfit!

  7. You look adorable but I think Jim's outfit was super. We see guys dressed like this in Hershey all summer.

  8. I was afraid you didn't put in a pic of yourself. I hurriedly scrolled down to see if you were there. such a fun idea, and it looked like it was a smash!