Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Getting Warm

(Second Try - last night I posted this and only the pictures and the first two words showed up on the blog - Grrrr)

Anyway, about a month ago, before it got too hot, I took a nice hike with Diana, Phil, and Joanne. Although most of you already saw it on Diana's blog, I'm going to post it anyway.

We drove east out of Apache Junction on AZ88 to just past Lost Dutchman's SP and followed a dirt road to a very popular trailhead. From there we were able to hike part of the Dutchman's Trail.

It was a level and very pretty hike among the interesting rock formations. (This is not Diana or Joanne, and certainly not Phil.)

Since I neglected to take a picture of our group, I shamelessly stole this one of Joanne and me from Diana's blog.

We even had to cross a bit of water - always an exciting sight in the desert.

I really liked the color on this bush, although I'm not sure if it's the flowers or the seeds or maybe both.

Here's one more shot of the colorful scenery.

Back at the house (and jumping forward to late April), my tomatoes are still surviving the heat although I don't know if they will ever ripen.

The saguaro down the street is blooming. This one seems to be on an earlier schedule than most since it was in bloom the first week in April. The birds love the little bugs that are attracted to the blooms.

But I was really impressed by this gazania which grew unaided in an empty lot. What tenacity!


  1. I tired to read that blog that was Lost in Space and it wouldnt pull up...Great HIKE!! Great desert Photos...I really love the desert and WISHED I lived closer...and I know thats my choice kinda..
    Your tomatoes are HUGE already..mine are just pea sized at this point...
    Love the last flower photo, a beauty!!

  2. That was a really fun hike. I love the picture of the bird on the saguaro.

  3. Diana may have blogged this hike, but your choice of photos and comments gives us your take on things. I can hardly wait to get down to AZ!

  4. That's a beautiful gazania! It almost doesn't look real! Also lovely pictures of your hike (sorry about the computer problems uploading, it happens to all of us) Looks like AZ is great for hiking, I can't wait until I get out there to try it out. Thanks for sharing these inspiring images,
    Stay cool,
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