Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick Trip

This past Friday, we had a very happy occasion. No, it wasn't the wedding in England, but a wedding that was nearer and dearer to our hearts. Kelli, Ron's daughter, married Sean at a very nice resort overlooking the beach in Del Mar, CA.

Here is the lovely bride on the day before the big event . . .

And matron-of-honor Kim, flower girl Shannon, and ring attendant Adam.

I was totally wowed by our room in the hotel/resort. I'm a simple girl, you know.

I could live in this room. It even has little homey touches like books and knickknacks, but no microwave.

And the only refrigerator is stocked with very pricey goodies.

Check out the prices.
Are they serious? $8 for Jelly Bellies?

They even had a picture of Ron and me on the nightstand. (Don't I wish?)

I took a walk down to the beach - what a gorgeous day!

Then it was time for the wedding rehearsal. Ron was a natural at his father-of-the-bride bit.

Kelli looks a little doubtful here.

The attendants look ready for anything.

Sean's such a good sport. How many guys would be caught holding that girly ribbon bouquet?

Next posting - THE WEDDING!


  1. What do your mean that's not you and Ron in the picture? I think the resemblance is uncanny! ;c)

    That sure is one beautiful bride there, much prettier that that one in England..what's-her-name.

  2. And how long has it been since you stayed in a hotel? You would need a larger fridge and a stove to live there, but it sure is a nice room.

  3. I want to be the concessionaire for those refrigerators. Talk about mark-up!
    Your so right - all you need is a microwave and that room would be big enough to live in - and so luxurious.

  4. Once again, a great picture of Ron and Kelli. Who's the cowboy doing the ceremony?

  5. How'd I miss this post wow what a room and they have to be kidding with those prices!!!