Friday, May 27, 2011

Joshua Tree, part 2

I'm already falling behind in the blog because we didn't have telephone or internet at two places we stayed - Joshua Tree being one of them. Last time Ron and I were at Joshua Tree, we took the ranger led tour of the Desert Queen Ranch. I highly recommend it - click here to see that post.

But this trip we did a couple of shorter hikes including the one from our campground to Skull Rock. Pretty scary, huh?

However, we noticed many other rocks that begged to be named. How about Cocker Spaniel rock?

Cartoon rock?

Cowardly Lion rock?

And this guy - maybe Fred Flintstone rock?

But the most amazing was this Squirrel rock - doesn't he appear lifelike?

Just look at the color and configuation of this cactus!

When I read there was an arch in the park, I had to see it. I've forgotten if it had a name, but I think it should be Elephant Arch!

Somebody got a little carried away with placing cairns to mark the trail.

And, yes, I'm just being goofy, as usual.


Bob said...

Cocker Spaniel rock I would call whale coming up for air.

Cartoon rock I'd call T Rex'x head

Cowardly lion I would call Mr big Chin.

Fred Flintstone rock … Shrek

I agree with you on squirrel rock! :)

And I like your choice for Elephant arch.

Nice post. I enjoyed the photos.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

How long does it take the wind to shape rock into looking like a squirrel?

You certainly have a vivid imagination! ;c)

E Squared and Mui said...

Time and imagination ... lead to fun discoveries :-)))

Sondra said...

LOL..great names--
Im gonna rename the Cowardly Lion to Pig Hiding Behind Rock, and the Fred Flintstone to Sock Monkey Head
Perfect name for the squirrel rock and the elephant arch! Splendid hike!!! Love that cactus--

Susan said...

Cartoon rock must be a dinosaur head!!!