Saturday, April 9, 2011

You gotta laugh!

Although I am very neglectful of Facebook (I probably should take myself out of it), I read my Facebook messages tonight. I thought this was so funny, I just had to share. This guy obviously believes in throwing out a lot of bait to see who bites. Here's his message:

Hi,how do you feel today Beautiful woman ?? I am Mark by name , I'm astonished by your unbeaten beauty Pics and you lovely profile on Facebook,You're so beautiful that everyman would want to hold hands with you someday. Looking into your pictures alone, shows me a beautiful world.And i guess I'll a be the luckiest man getting to talk to you. If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of the Angels would hide their faces in shame. i just checked your profile on facebook and i found it very interesting cuss In short words i would say I'm very interested in knowing you better as much.. I like fishing,camping,reading,going to the movies,hanging around with friends,cracking jokes,listening to music,dancing, and also spending time with someone interesting.. I am looking for friends and possibly more that may lead to long term relationship.. I have plans and goals and looking for someone to share them with. I will love to know you more better. You can email me more things about yourself to my personal email address as ( ) or add me to your Instant Messenger List as ( m.hedrick50) and i will get back to you with more things about me.. I hope to hear from you soon.

Caring Mark.

This is a new one on me in the scam department. This one rates a ROTFL - at least I think that means 'rolling on the floor laughing.'


  1. WELL if it sounds too good to be true--all that gushing Geeze...
    thats scary wonder where he has been hiding that NO ONE Has already snatched such a dream man up????? Thats the burning question--LMBO--
    IM about ready to AXE facebook for the 3rd time--I am not good in the sandbox and find it hard to keep my mouth shut politically and religiously I need to chop up and burn my soap box? Maybe?

  2. Well! I didn't get a message from Caring Mark - I am so jealous!

  3. Gee! He didn't write me either.. some women have all the luck.

  4. Too funny, but I wonder what his plan is for Ron? Or didn't he notice the handsome guy next to you in your picture?