Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bike Trip

About a mile from where we were parked in Sequim, WA, was the Olympic Discovery Trail. This bike/hike trail is currently 25 miles long between Sequim and Port Angeles, but will eventually travel 100 miles from Port Townsand to Lake Ozette on the Pacific coast. It's mostly paved with some well-packed composite - just what we like.

Oooo, maybe we'll see elk! Actually we understand there are a lot of elk around Sequim, but we never saw any.

Part of the trail is a 'rails to trails' like this renovated railroad bridge over the Dungeness River. We stopped and watched the salmon swimming upstream to spawn.

We were confused by this one-log-at-a-time logging vehicle. I googled the name on the side, LIB Tech, and discovered they make snowboards and skateboards. Humm.

Did I mention that Sequim is nice and flat? The trail passed through some pastoral scenes.

With the appropriate bovine creatures.

Why the side trip down this wide, tree-lined street, you may ask?

Because it was time for Ron's morning coffee break. He is a creature of habit.

After our stop, Ron decided to turn back, but since he had forced me to consume a mocha frappe, I had to continue to burn off the extra calories.

And am I glad I did. How often do you see a giraffe in town?

And I had to laugh at this sign.

But what really made me glad I persevered was this lovely Japanese water garden.

I was pretty tired when I got home. I figure I did about 13 miles and I'm not really a cyclist. Ron did about 9 miles and if I had turned around with him, I wouldn't have had sore legs the next day. But I also wouldn't have discovered the garden.


  1. I wonder how many bands cross that they needed that sign!?! Looks like a lovely bike ride. Haven't biked since I was a kid ... will have to rent a couple to see if it's something we want to pursue when we're on the road.

  2. How mean of Ron to force that Mocha Frappe on you. I thought he was a nice guy.

    I like flat bike trails, hilly ones are over rated. ;c)

  3. I have taken pictures of snakes, frogs and geese and farmers crossing. I loved the band crossing sign.

  4. I loved the band crossing sign too - did you ever find out the reason for it?

  5. WOW...saddle sore gets to me when I bike--But I havent biked at all this yr..dang----
    Good for you go your own pace and bring back your own memories..LOL at the one log at time car--weird!

  6. Love the log car. Perfect timing to read this..we bought new "comfort" bikes yesterday. We will see! Yes, flat and paved is good.