Friday, September 2, 2011

Sequim, WA

First a sad story, although a familiar one to many people. The hard drive in my 6-month old laptop bit the dust. What's with that? My 6-year old machine, ancient in the technical world, still works, but is just soooo slow. Anyway, being the type of person that I am, I had no backups and lost all my pictures for the last six months. But hey! At least I have the blog. So now my laptop is going back to its HP home to be repaired (under warranty, at least) and I'm using Ron's computer. It's a good thing we both have one. The only thing that really bothers me is that I lost the pictures from our jet boat tour of Deception Pass at the north end of Whidbey Island. I had some really cute pictures of the WINs as 19 of us took over most of the boat. It was a fun day.

But time to move on. No use crying over spilled milk, and all that jazz. We moved with the WINs to Sequim after a quick stop in Chimacum to check out the Escapees RV park there.

This is Point Wilson lighthouse in Port Townsand. It's not nearly as pretty as the Admiralty lighthouse on Whidbey Island, but that picture is gone forever (sigh.) I have a feeling this is just the first of many lighthouses to come as we head south along the coast.

What are all these people looking at? Why, birds, of course. We took a tour with an Audubon guide which was very interesting although we didn't see a lot of birds.

We stopped at an overlook in Dungeness Recreation Area in Sequim. I liked how the waves make this interesting scalloped pattern.

Along a short hike down to the beach, we came across this tree that grew around and over a 'nurse' stump. Interesting.

The Dungeness Spit is the world's longest natural sand spit and it grows each year as more sand is deposited at the end. There is a lighthouse which is only accessible by a 6-mile (one way) hike out the spit, but there were telescopes set up to view it. It looked like this.

We walked down to the beach to look for seals that were reportedly in the area. Ron sat on a convenient log while I walked farther along. As I was coming back, discouraged because I didn't see any seals, I snapped this of Ron scanning the water. It turned out he was watching the very seal I had been looking for. I never even saw it!


  1. What a bummer to loose your pictures, have you thought about a separate hard drive for future pictures.

  2. Maybe your lost photos are still on your computer and can be recovered by the technicians.

    Have considered buying an Apple computer. I've had a much better experience with them for reliability and security.

  3. Like most of us, I too have a hard time backing up, but here's how I set it up:
    Bought a small external hard-drive; downloaded a program called "Syncback" from (it's a safe site at; and I use Yahoo's calendar (a tab on my yahoo mail page) to remind me on the first of each month to backup.
    With all that, sometimes I get things backed up, and sometimes not :-)
    Hope this helps.

  4. An HD crash can be devastating ... I'm better at backing up my home computer now that I've switched to Apple. The time machine feature backs up my HD automatically every hour ... that was a bit much for me, so I went back to doing it manually ... but each time I read a story like yours, I go back and put it on automatic for a while. As you said, at least you have the photos that you posted in your blog. Do ask the technicians to see if they can recover what's on your HD ... they have better tools than we do and can sometimes work miracles.

  5. And don't delete the pictures on you camera's card until you run out of space!

  6. How sad. All those waterfalls! Have the techs try to save what is on the hard drive. when ours died, they saved everything. Then back up--at least the photos. I don't think I've been somewhere unless I have a photo of it. And I have each year's blogs made into a a book--our scrapbook.

  7. I like Flickr to store my photos - it's $25.00/year. Plus, it works in tandem with my blog to post. Good luck on your laptop repairs!

  8. My dear friend Richard who passed away suddenly this yr...loved to do the Dungeness hike--and here is a link to his last hike...It may be interesting to you
    Dungeness Wildlife Reserve
    SO sorry you lost your Photos! ITS so hard to keep them ALL I have to go thru mine and back up seems I havent done that in a while myself!
    Desert Diva is right Flickr is a great space to keep photos..>I dont upload them all but my favs of each time I go out with my camera...and if its photos you dont want to share with the public just post them as Private---
    great photos in this post! I love that tree shot--

  9. I understand the loss of a hard drive on a new computer. My did almost the same thing. Was yours a Dell? But I loved the lighthouse through the spotting scope. Cool picture.

  10. So sorry about your photos. Don't you already use Flickr? But I guess they weren't on there! I have a cute little external Toshiba drive and if I back up nothing else I do (not often enough) backup my pictures. So yesterday I got out 4 albums bd (before digital).. do I scan and trash? or scan and keep!