Friday, September 23, 2011

Tillamook, OR

Heading south on US 101, we stopped at the overlook for the most famous of the offshore 'sea stacks', Haystack Rock. Being from the East Coast I am always amazed by the scenic Oregon coast.

We pulled into the campground at the Tillamook Airport and were thrilled to see a herd of Roosevelt Elk. There had to be 60 of them.

What to do . . . Well, a fellow WIN recommended the Pioneer Museum and since it was raining, it sounded like a good idea. They did have some Pioneer displays, although I don't think the organ came in a covered wagon.

And we decided no pioneer woman had enough time on her hands to cut fancy shelf paper out of newspaper.

But on the second floor was an impressive collection of stuffed animals. After looking for them all over the Northwest, I finally got a picture of an American Dipper.

We also never saw any of these guys - thank heaven.

Of course you can't visit Tillamook without touring the Tillamook cheese factory.

But we did one better and also went to the Blue Heron cheese factory. Here's Mary enjoying their sample dips. They put out pretzel sticks and cups of dip - I'm not sure how sanitary that is, but we filled up.


  1. I want to see that Hay Stack one day...Oregon and Washington are the 2 lower 48's ive Yet to Ive really been learning and enjoying your summer vacation! I like that shirt Mary is wearing--rel-cute!

  2. Is that a Westie on Mary's shirt? (sniff...)

  3. I have to try that campground by the airport. That's a great location for our visits to the Air Museum and the cheese factory.

    I need some more cheese curds. :c)