Thursday, October 13, 2011

Avenue of the Giants

Just off US101 in northern California is an alternate route called the Avenue of the Giants. The road twists and turns past a wonderful showcase of the giant coast redwoods in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Nancy managed to snap this picture of us while following in her motorhome - not the easiest thing to do.

Ron and I did some tree hugging in Founders Grove. This is the Founders Tree - not the largest in the forest, but pretty big at 346 feet tall, 12.7 feet in diameter, and 40 feet in circumference.

For me, the walk through Founders Grove is the highlight of a trip to the redwoods.

And everything is so green!

This is the Dyerville Giant that fell in 1991. When last measured it was 364 feet tall, 17 feet in diameter, and 52 feet in circumference.

The visitors center had this RV made from a redwood log with a very unusual driver.

It must weigh a heck of a lot - just look at how thick the walls and doors are.

I have to confess that I tend to be a snob about sightseeing. If it seems too touristy, I don't even stop. But this time I checked out a couple of the tourist traps with mixed results.

First we stopped at the Eternal Tree House (Cafe & Gift Shop). It was a redwood stump that had been hollowed out with a door and window added. It left us underwhelmed.

But nearby there were some cool chainsaw sculptures. Here's Nancy with a new friend.

Then we checked out the One Log House (Cafe & Gift Shop). Inside this redwood log is a living area 32 feet long and 7 feet high. We thought it was worth the $1 entrance fee.

The layout could have been better. The bedroom was in the center.

The living area was at one end.

And the kitchen at the other.

Very cute and livable.

Of course, it's the same size as our RV, but I wouldn't want to drive it.


  1. Wow wow! Gorgeous photos. The redwoods are definitely on our list. And the last line of your post made me laugh. :-)

  2. Founders Tree looks plenty big to me ... but then I can only compare it to the tree huggers and not to the other Giants nearby :-))

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  4. I THINK I was there last year, but didn't see as much as you - great job!

  5. HOW cool==== that log house is!
    The big trees seem to present an air of peace around you get that feeling? Really a neat place!

  6. Why is it that people feel the need to carve their names in the log house door, and all kinds of other places?

    I wonder what the CCC is on that RV?
    The nice thing is if you run out of propane you've got a ready source of firewood to keep you warm. ;c)

  7. Walking among those redwoods is just one of my favorites.