Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Dam and Bridge

The Hoover Dam was built in the early 30s during the Great Depression and destroyed and rebuilt in Superman: The Movie. But enough history.

Pictures of the dam are usually from the lower side, but these are the giant intakes on the Lake Mead side.

After years of unlimited traffic driving over the dam with massive security backups since 9/11, the bypass bridge was completed in 2010. Phil, Ron, and Donna posed for me in front of the new bridge.

The wind caught Ron's hat and blew it over the edge. We couldn't believe he went after it. Yikes!

The view of the Black Canyon below the dam is impressive.

Although the sides of the bridge are too high to see anything while driving across, there is a walkway for pedestrians. Cool!

The seal in the walkway marks the state line between Nevada and Arizona.

After our excursion, we indulged in a late breakfast, or, in Diana's case, dessert.


  1. That Ron sure is a daring guy! Someday I want to explore Black Canyon - looks fascinating. Great pictue of me an my desert!

  2. Looking at the picture I think I would have left my hat !!

  3. Wow. Those are beautiful shots you took of the Dam and bridge. I can never get enough learning about how the bridge wast built during the Depression years. I have not seen the new bridge but hope to see it some day. Thanks.

  4. I can't blame Ron at all, once you break in a hat...well, it's a guy thing. At least he didn't have to swim after it! ;c)

  5. Ron is c.r.a.z.y!!
    That makes me nervous just looking at the picture. It was just a hat, after all.
    Great photos of the dam. I plan a trip up that way to do dam and vegas so really appreciate your pointing out the good spots.

  6. Yikes! is right....downright scary for getting the hat

  7. Thats some special hat eh? LOL great photos of the dam n bridge and the fam n friends!

  8. That looks like a Tilley hat and yes they are that special. :-)

    Great pictures guys. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Just one word for that picture of Ron ... YIKES!

  10. That picture of Ron made me feel queasy. Or maybe it's the colonoscopy prep - who can tell the difference? I understand, though. A good hat ...