Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coos Bay

Continuing our journey south, we moved to the Coos Bay area and another casino, The Mill Casino. They have a nice big gravel lot and the WINs arrived for a three day stay.

The southern part of the Oregon coast is known for myrtlewood trees which can be made into the most beautiful things. We toured the factory at The Oregon Connection and watched the artisans at work. Thanks to Nancy for the pictures and for turning off her flash so this guy didn't lose a finger.

This place has been around for awhile. They still have the original main power shaft that runs the length of the room and use belts off it to run various equipment.

The beauty of myrtlewood is the variety of color and grain, even in the same piece.

Although I'm not into gift shops, I really liked the myrtlewood creations. I even bought an unfinished dish and plan on finishing it myself.

Look at all the different colors and shades.

We also toured the Cranberry Sweets candy factory and showroom where you can watch the candy being made through the glass and try the 30 or so samples. Wow! My kind of place.

While at the myrtlewood factory we heard all about how hard it is to find wood and all the regulations involved. But when we visited Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area, we certainly saw huge myrtlewood trees. Although, to be fair, I guess they couldn't cut down the trees there.

Even though the end of September isn't exactly prime waterfall season, Silver Falls was very pretty.

And this is neighboring Golden Falls. Just imagine what they would look like in the spring!

I even got a group shot in front of Golden Falls - Ron, Nancy, and Diane.


  1. Even with little water flowing, Silver and Golden Falls are beautiful. There's something about waterfalls that is always attracts me.

  2. Only 30 kinds of candy samples? Did they have to escort you out of the building?

  3. We loved Coos Bay and enjoyed the myrtle wood products. Will you ever run out of water falls?

  4. That wood is Awesome! Beautiful stuff!! Hope your plate turns out great. Lovely falls!!! IT got very cold here we have the HEAT ON--omg it was 39 last night.