Friday, April 12, 2013

Final Hawaiian Notes

I have a confession.  I spent two weeks in Hawaii and never went in the water.  I came prepared with goggles and a raft, but we never hit the perfect spot.  It seemed that all the beaches were either too rocky.

Or the waves were frightening.
As you can see, the surf didn't bother Diana and Phil at all and you'll see (or have seen) lots of amazing underwater shots of hers.  Here's my excuse.  While Diana is a Pisces and very comfortable in the water, I am a Capricorn and goats don't swim.

Ah, would this be the Hawaiian symbol for a marina?

This is about the closest I came to the water.

Near the Hilton Waikoloa Resort, is the Waikoloa petroglyph field.  Situated near the border of the former kingdoms of Kohala and Kona, maybe they had some significance related to crossing that border.

Not all the carvings were as old.

We were excited to find a wiliwili tree.  Once plentiful in Hawaii's dry lowlands, now they are rare.  This one was obviously brought in for the resort.  The truck is orange, almost glowing.

As you can see, it's a challenge to build on the Big Island.

I thought the evening view from our condo balcony would be a fitting end to my last blog post of our Hawaiian vacation.
I guess it's no secret that we had a wonderful time.


  1. Fitting end to your Hawaiian adventure indeed.

    I'm an Aries ... so I guess that explains why I don't much care for getting in the water either ;-))

  2. It's over? Sniff, sniff. :c(

    Hey, don't give us Capricorns a bad name. I love the water, especially when it's in a hot tub! :cD

  3. You dont always have to go in the water to appreciate it. It was a wonderful holiday.

  4. Beautiful sunset to end your trip.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for taking us along. But you didn't go in the water???

  6. Enjoyed your trip. Wish I could go, sometime.