Friday, April 19, 2013

Trip East

I took a quick trip to visit my father in Pennsylvania.  His daffodils are in glorious bloom.

My mother, who passed away in 2001, was a master gardener and collected many unusual varieties.
(Both pictures taken by my father.)

As always, I had a nice visit with my father.  I am constantly amazed by him.  Meanwhile, Ron was busy.  Every time I leave, he surprises me with a project.  This time he replaced the patio roof support posts that had been bent during some high winds.

Nice, but he also surprised me with one of his inventive efforts.  Our mail drop goes right into the garage and when we go away for months, the mail ends up all over the floor.  Ron put together this clever mail shoot and  large tin container which will easily hold all our mail until our return.
 Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Wow, you can travel for years now!

  2. Diana mentioned at dinner last night that you might post about your trip to see you father ... insider knowledge perhaps ;-) That mail chute is awfully clever.

  3. That is so neat that you got to spend some time with your Dad. Love the mail chute - Ron definitely comes up with great ideas.

  4. So nice that you had the time to visit with your dad. Did you go for a spin in his Spitfire?

    I think you can patent a new game. Call it "What will Ron think of next?" :c)

  5. Love the daffodils and the mail chute. It seems Ron never runs out of clever inventions.

  6. How inventive. Glad you had a good time with you dad.

  7. Beautiful daffodils. I need Ron to invent something for my mailbox by the road.