Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amazing Sedona

After a grueling 53 miles, we arrived at our spot in the National Forest that is perfectly positioned between Cottonwood and Sedona.  I know it's hard to believe, but it took us all day.

First thing the next morning, we headed for Sedona.  First stop is always the viewpoint on Airport Road. A picture can never do it justice, but this view is the epitome of awesome.

Sedona is a hiker's paradise with numerous trails for hikers of all levels.  We have been here several times and done many of them, but neither of us had ever driven Schnebly Hill Road, which climbs up the Mogollon Rim.  When we asked at the visitors center, they advised us not to attempt it unless we had 4-wheel drive.  Ha!  They don't know who they're talking to.  In 2008, after being told the same thing about the loop in Monument Valley, Ron didn't hesitate to drive it in our Saturn which had 3 inches of clearance.

Now we have our nice high-clearance vehicle and, even without 4-wheel drive, nothing can stop us.  There were a couple of rather nasty spots, but most of the road was not too bad.

You did have to watch out for the manhole covers.  What's up with that?

Our goal was about 3 miles up Schnebly Hill Road, where we parked to hike.  Wouldn't this be the trail you would want to take?

It was only a mile round trip and had some great views, but we did keep an eye out for the cow pies.  Is the trail name referring to these scattered pieces of lava? 

We didn't think so and kept looking.

Oh, look!  A cave with a couple of interesting columns.  That one nearest the cave looks like a Tiki.

We looked all around, but none of the spectacular scenery seemed to fit the trail name.

Then when we turned around to head back, there it was.  The rocks we had been traversing, with a little imagination, looked like the biggest cow pies imaginable.  Ewww, we had been stepping on them.

At this point, we decided we had had enough bouncing over rocks and returned to Sedona.  We walked around downtown, where even the parking lots have great views.


  1. You'll tire yourselves out rushing around like this!!! Beautiful rock formations. Thats the beauty of the USA such diverse landscapes in one country. Deserts for us are probably 3000 miles away.

  2. Love Sedona ... even though we've only been once, and that was in December ... all those red rocks with a dusting of snow were just fantastically beautiful. Started to do the Schnebly drive ... but between the warnings for non-4WD vehicles and the snow, we chickened out.

  3. The Schnebly drive is definitely on my list. Maybe next year. Such incredible sights.

  4. Wow! 53 miles. But it was worth it. I think Sedona is the most incredible location for a town in the whole world.

  5. Glad to hear that grueling 53 mile trip didn't do you in! :cD