Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Hike

You're probably getting tired of reading about our hikes, but Sedona is just so beautiful that we keep going.  One day, we hiked around Chimney Rock, which should be properly named Chimney Rocks (or would that be Chimneys Rock).  Anyway, there are two spires.

I expected the trail to just circle the base of the hill, but it actually climbed quite a bit.

Diana told us to be on the lookout for Lizard Head Rock.  Can you see it?  Personally, I was thinking a dragon head with the clouds looking like smoke.

We had a nice view of the canyon we had driven up the other day.

And found a pretty wildflower that we tentatively identified as a penstemon.

I pointed out this Tiki rock, but didn't get much agreement.  He's turned to the right, so you only see his right eye.

And on our way back down to the car,

Diana and Phil took us to pay our respects to the Budda.

Halfway through our stay in this area, we joined our WIN friends and parked five miles south of Cottonwood. It's farther from Sedona with all the lovely hiking, but this might be the only time we see these friends this year. The WINs are always fun.  We've gone dancing, out to eat, and made a trip to Prescott to visit a member we haven't seen in awhile.  Not to mention, we caught up on everything the others have been doing.  I also dragged Ron to see the local high school production of Guys and Dolls.  Personally, I love musicals - Ron, not so much.  But even he was impressed with the quality of the performance. I loved it!


  1. Not at all tired of reading about your hikes!
    Budda? Really? That's cool.
    I love musicals too - my favorite entertainment. Must be a guy thing about not liking them so much. After dragging Brion to a few and making him watch "The Sound of Music" (if for no other reason than that it's a classic), he's become more amenable to seeing them and usually enjoys them now.

  2. Amazing how those rocks weathered into Budda's shape! ;c)

  3. Huh ... I had no idea about the Buddha.

    Keep those hikes coming ... love seeing all the red rock.

  4. You've really done justice to the Sedona area. It deserves more than the one day we gave it.

  5. your photography has really began to sparkle! Great composition of the Buddha!!! I def saw the smoke breathing dragon!