Monday, April 14, 2014

And We're Off

After loading and otherwise preparing the RV for departure for three days, this morning we waved good-bye to our winter home and headed off.  Our first stop was at the Frys gas station where, even with getting 40 cents off per gallon for the first 35 gallons, we spent $192.  Oh well, we can't worry about that.

We were on our way to the Cottonwood/Sedona area to join up with some WIN friends.  At about 140 miles, we felt we could handle it in one day.  But with some strong winds, our dislike of driving more than 100 miles in a day, and knowing we were passing Agua Fria National Monument which has easy and free boondocking, we stopped at 84 miles.  (Exit 256 off I 17, large parking area on east side of highway.)

We disconnected the car and drove east about 1/2 mile to the Badger Springs trailhead.  I know that sounds lazy, but I was under the impression (mistaken, as it turns out) that it was a 2-mile hike to the confluence of the Badger Springs Wash and the Agua Fria River.  We felt four miles was just right.

The hike was along the Badger Springs Wash.

We wondered if this was the actual spring.
(More like a drip.)

Long before we were expecting it, we came to the Agua Fria.  Looking at the map later, we figured it was only about 3/4 of a mile.

Supposedly you can continue along the river, but it would involve some rock scrambling.

But the real attraction at this point is the group of petroglyphs easily seen on the rock walls.

I'll zoom in for a better look.

Since I'm not into rock scrambling, we turned around at this point.  On our way back, Ron found this 'heart' rock.  Can you see it?

Twice we were surrounded by flocks of tiny blue butterflies/moths.  They were hard to capture, but through the magic of cropping, maybe somebody can identify them.

I always enjoy the flowers like these Desert Mallow.

And these just looked like a bouquet.  I'm guessing they are Desert Verbena.

It was a very pleasant walk and a precursor to many more to come.

For those of you who asked, we do have a rough plan for our time on the road.  We'll be making our way to the Denver area from where, on June 13th, we'll fly to Alaska.  We have an 11-day tour/cruise booked which will end in Vancouver, BC.  From there, we fly back to Denver and continue east.  Ron has an urge to revisit his roots in Wisconsin.  Once again, we'll return to Mesa in early November.


  1. I can't believe you took off in that wind this morning. I'm too much of a wuss. Glad you didn't try to go all the way. I would like to take a cruise up to Alaska. But with two old dogs that won't be happening any time soon. Safe travels and have fun.

  2. Happy Travels. We look forward to reading about all you see.
    I love the little blue winged thingies. They are really hard to take pictures of, aren't they?

  3. Forgot you said you were doing the Alaska cruise this summer. Sounds like fun!

  4. Glad you took off, we're looking forward to all your adventures.

    However, driving 84 miles will never get you into the PDD Driving Club... ;c)

  5. Bon Voyage on your summer travels. Looking forward to your posts -- especially the Alaskan cruise. That is part of my travel plans for 2015.

  6. Happy travels ... you're off to a good start. It's been a few years since we were last in Alaska ... looking forward to seeing it again ... this time through your eyes.

  7. Yippie...I want to return to trip just cant do it justice...although I would opt to do a road trip as I get sea sick so easy! Cant wait to follow along with you! The hike to Agua Fria is one Im adding to my bucket list! The
    p-glyphs look awesome!

  8. Have a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to all the posts.

  9. Enjoy your travels. Your photos are lovely.