Sunday, October 12, 2014

Denver Outings

Most of our time in the Denver area was spent with family, but Ron and I did go on a couple of day trips while we were there.  (And yes, I am again running behind on my posts.)

The first was to Colorado's newest state park which opened just last year.  Staunton State Park is located off US285, about six miles west of Conifer.  At 8100 feet in elevation, we chose an easy two-mile trail.  But, fortunately, there are no bad trails.

The soaring granite cliffs are spectacular.

Another day we went to Rocky Mountain National Park to see and hear the elk.  Late September is prime time to observe the big bull elk . . .

Gathering up their cow harems.  This guy had about 30.

And he made sure none of them got away.

We didn't see any skirmishes between the males, but we did hear them bugle.  It was pretty cool.

For those of you familiar with Old Fall River Road, the one-way, unpaved road to the Alpine Visitor Center, I have sad news.  Due to over 12  inches of rain in six days of September 2013, the historic road is closed indefinitely.  So far, they're just saying it's closed for 2014, but just look at this picture of the damage.

On our way home, we saw some of the other damage caused by that same deluge.  There were sections of the road that had been rebuilt or were still being rebuilt, and places like this where it was obvious that there had been massive flooding.

But somebody had fun decorating for autumn.


  1. A lovely old truck. It reminds me of that film with Charles Bronson, Mr Majestic.

  2. We heard the elk bugling on a couple hikes in the Tetons. At first we thought it was kids goofing around, but another hiker told us what it was. Such a strange sound!

  3. We heard an elk bugling when we were in Jasper ... very eerie.

  4. We haven't seen Staunton yet. Thanks for giving us a peek. We heard elk when we lived in Grand Lake. Isn't it cool--and strange?

  5. That Truck is awesome!!! Too bad about the old road I hope they fix it up...Let me see I heard Elk bugle in Yellowstone!

  6. That truck is really neat. Bet modern trucks of today won't last that long!

  7. Love that truck! And when there are no bad trails.