Thursday, October 16, 2014


We go through Denver quite often on our way from and to our winter quarters in Mesa, AZ, and we try to find different routes.  This time, we headed south on I 25 to Walsenburg, then took La Veta pass over the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  It lived up to its 'scenic road' designation.  I don't know what I was doing, but this seems to be the only picture I took.

Once over the pass, we stopped in tiny San Luis for lunch and were very surprised to find an amazing attraction.  On a 7/10 mile trail up a mesa overlooking the community, are two-thirds life-size bronze statues depicting the stations of the cross.

The bronzes, created by Huberto Maestas, can best be described as powerful.  Some were just too disturbing to photograph.

At the top of the mesa is the Chapel of All Saints, which was built by local volunteer labor and donations.

Quite a feat for a town with a population of only about 600.

From the top is quite a view of San Luis and the surrounding mountains.


  1. Just followed your route on Google Earth. San Luis is the oldest town in Colarado. I expect youre looking forward to getting back to Mesa and then planning your next adventure.

  2. Surprise finds when traveling tend to have more impact on us. Good find!

  3. Incredible. There is just nothing like stumbling across these finds that aren't advertised everywhere.

  4. It may be a small town, but 600 devout people have accomplished much.

  5. We agree, those Stations of the Cross are outstanding. On you way there, you passed Lathrop State Park just west of Walsenburg, where we volunteered several summers.

  6. Wow that is a pretty chapel, and the bronzes are amazing! Safe travels home!