Friday, May 19, 2017

Crazy Weather

We arrived in Denver area in mid-May for Ron’s grandsons’ graduations – Adam’s from high school and Harper’s from pre-K.  We always try to stay in beautiful Bear Creek Lake Regional Park, mostly for the location which is convenient to his daughters, but it’s actually pretty reasonable too.  This is about the only place we make reservations and we waited too long to do it.  We reserved one site for Sunday through Friday and another for the following Sunday through Friday.  The weekend was booked and we thought we’d park in daughter Kelli’s driveway for two nights.

After enjoying a wonderful reunion dinner at daughter Kim’s house our first night, we met Kelli, Harper and Elsie at the park the next day.  We enjoyed the multi-use path around the lake with 5-year-old Harper on his cool bike . . .

And 2 ½-year-old Elsie on her scooter.  ( Elsie will emphatically tell you that she’s 2 ½, not 2.)

The next day we walked 4 miles around Bear Creek Lake Park. 

Some of our route was along Bear Creek with the birds singing their little hearts out.

But some was across open meadows, where we saw these snakes whom we suspect were engaging in an x-rated activity.  We’re thinking they’re bull snakes. 

I’ll zoom in so you can see the love bite he is giving his sweetheart.

Adam’s graduation was scheduled to take place at beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre, but the morning of the big event, we awoke to white stuff.

We went to Kelli’s house where it changed to pretty big flakes.

Ron worked on Kelli's ‘honey do’ list with assistance from Harper.  Harper brought his own safety glasses, flashlight, and pliers.

Although the snow and freezing weather were predicted for days, Adam’s school seemed to be surprised by it and scrambled to move the commencement inside the school.  Of course this meant less tickets were available and we would miss his big event.  We were impressed to hear from Kim that the graduation would be streamed live on the school’s website.  We were not as impressed with the camera operator.

I did a couple of screen captures of the feed .  Here’s Adam walking across the stage to accept his diploma.  Not too bad for a screenshot. 

And here he is with the principal.  Really,  the camera operator couldn't aim a little higher?
 By the next morning, all the snow was melted on the grass, but Green Mountain across the way might have to change its name.


  1. I heard about the snow on the news and wondered if you guys were up that far north. Too bad about the graduation especially the cutting off heads part. But he knew you were there for him and that is all that matters.

  2. Darn sorry the snow messed up your plans but at least they had plan B, those snakes look seriously entangled. Harper is another DIY'er in the makings.

  3. Weird weather patterns are beginning to be the norm now, how anyone can deny climate changes amazes me. That extra half year is very important to a 2 year old.

  4. Sad you didn't get to attend the graduation. At least you've had some good family time.
    Snow in May is really unacceptable.

  5. Whoa, snow! What a bummer that it showed up and messed up your chance to go to the graduation. :c(