Saturday, May 27, 2017

Family Pics

Our purpose for risking cold and snow by traveling to Denver area in May was twofold.  As I already covered in the previous post, Ron’s oldest grandchild, Adam, was graduating from high school and we would never miss celebrating the occasion with him.  But as an added bonus, little Harper was graduating from pre-K.  My first reaction was one of disbelief that there would be an actual ceremony for that.  But did you know that they get tested for kindergarten now?  Besides there’s nothing cuter than a bunch of 4- and 5-year-olds in cap and gown.

Harper got the award for Best Attitude.  He doesn’t look too enthusiastic here . . .

But he certainly has a great attitude when it comes to cake!  Here he’s joined by his little sister Elsie (with the chocolate mouth), and cousins Shannon and Adam.

Now for the pictures for the relatives.  Here’s Graduate Harper with Elsie and parents Kelli and Sean. 

And a picture from Adam’s graduation with Shannon and parents Kim and Tom.

During Adam’s graduation party we managed to get Ron with son Jim and daughters Kim and Kelli.

And Ron with all his family.

Adam brought his cap and gown to Harper’s graduation so we could get this very special picture of the two of them.  How cute is that?


  1. Harper had a real cap and gown. Cool. When our granddaughter Kylie graduated from pre-school they wore black plastic garbage bags!