Sunday, June 4, 2017


Leaving Denver, we had our usual debate on which route to take.   Although we really like the views going southwest on US 285, Ron thought it would be rather cold.  But I wanted to return to my favorite town of Salida.  We compromised by taking I 25 south to Pueblo, then US 50 west to Salida.  It was a little longer, but US 50 between Canon City and Salida is one of the prettiest drives anywhere.  You might notice less in-transit pictures this year because I’m doing more of the driving, and that was the case during this scenic 50 miles along the Arkansas River.  Although pictures don’t really do it justice, you can see some from last year by clicking here.

We picked our spot at the free BLM campground just east of Salida, aptly named Salida East.  We met friends of Ron’s for lunch, attended a free Bluegrass concert, shopped, hiked, and ate – the usual.

There’s a hike we enjoy that begins near the campground.  It climbs up the foothills with lovely views of the mountains across the valley, 

And the town of Salida.

The funny thing is that I always forget how much it does climb,

But the scenery is so worth it.

Another day we walked around in the cute downtown area and watched these paddle boarders playing on the rapids.  And here I thought paddle board were for calm water.

Right across from the campground is a BBQ restaurant and small motorcycle museum. 

The motorcycles take up half of the dining room floor,

These lovely ladies are keeping an eye on things.

I was surprised to read this sign claiming the presence of an historical motorcycle. 

And here it is.

I remain skeptical about the authenticity.  How the heck would it end up in tiny Salida?


  1. We really like Salida, too, and will probably get back there sometime this summer.
    So I assume you are more comfortable driving the truck with the 5th wheel than you were the motorhome?

  2. Wish it was cooler here. We are at Heron Lake State Park NM. With the temps in the 90's, I want electrical hookups to run the air for us and the pups. I really should be doing some of the driving but I don't want to. I'm not sure Jim trusts me. lol

  3. Interesting that historic motorcycle. Wonder how they'd be able to prove it. It looks to me a little more modern than a 1918 unit.

    Good for you doing more driving. I can't get my bonnie bride to drive at all anymore. :c(