Friday, June 30, 2017

Eagle Nest

Our next New Mexico state park was Eagle Nest at a cool 8200 feet.  The campground itself is just a loop, but the scenery is 360 degrees with a lake surrounded by lovely hills and mountains. 

We asked at the visitors center about hikes in the area and they recommended the Clear Creek Trail, about 5 miles away in Cimarron Canyon.  Luckily there were lots of vehicles pulled off the road at the trailhead as the sign was pretty small.

The trail begins right at this interesting log with flowing water along it.  We had to wonder if it was natural.

Soon we came upon a large group of young people (and one not so young) doing trail maintenance.  We learned they were a church group from Texas.

How wonderful to see them taking such an interest in the outdoors.

The trail followed along pretty Clear Creek, with sounds and views of cascades.

We crossed the creek several times on improved logs.  I usually let Ron go first.

After about a mile, we were rewarded by the first substantial waterfall.

There were plenty of flowers to admire along the way, including wild roses.

We turned around at a mile and a half where we could barely see this major waterfall through the trees.

On our way down, we ran into the volunteers on their way up.  I guess suggesting they cut down the trees to improve the view of the waterfall would have been a bit much.


  1. We liked Eagle Nest SP. Hiked that same trail and have a picture of the same log :-)
    Also some nice hiking at nearby Angel Fire.

  2. How nice you let Ron go first. Is that a survival mechanism? :cD