Thursday, May 11, 2017

Storrie Lake

We arrived at Storrie Lake State Park to beautiful clear skies and set up by one of the cute picnic table shelters.  We discovered that most mornings started out like this.

But by the afternoon, it looked more like this.

So Ron just had to find a project and decided we needed another 120-volt receptacle.  What a guy! 

One morning we went to the historic Plaza Hotel for breakfast.  The Plaza was built in 1882 and has hosted many famous people.  They have tours, but we just ate, then went and did our laundry.  
The hotel encompasses both the beautiful buildings seen behind the migrant worker statue on the old town plaza. 

Another morning we checked out the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge, where we walked the nature trail at the visitor center.  We really didn’t see wildlife as much as hear it.  The meadowlarks were in fine voice and I had to take a video to record the musical frogs.

No wonder they were so talented.  The sign said they were chorus frogs.

We drove around the refuge, but found all the viewpoints to be too far from the ponds to see the waterfowl, even with the provided telescopes.
We decided to take the Gallinas trail which leads across the refuge meadow and into a surprising canyon.

After wandering around awhile and wondering if we had missed the trail, we made it back out, 

Where we explored this fixer-upper. 

Ron wanted to know if that little opening to the lower right was a cat door. 

Once again, we didn't see much wildlife, but it was a nice hike.


  1. The weather can change faster than you can blink anymore! That fixer upper has lots of potential! Beautiful place!!

  2. Obviously the tornados missed you. So glad.
    Maybe it is a lizard door?