Monday, July 31, 2017

A Little Boondocking

With our New Mexico State Parks Pass, we have been staying almost exclusively in their campgrounds, but our next few stops were different.  Because we were trying to stay cool, we found a boondocking spot in the Allstays app which was just 1 ½ miles north of Red River at almost 9000 feet.

We parked in town and walked partway up the road to see how bad it was.  In the motorhome vs. trailer discussion, that’s a plus in the motorhome column because we could have just driven the towed car up.  But we decided the lane-and-a-half dirt road was good enough and up we went.  The last part got considerably worse, but we persevered.

It was a Thursday, so we had our choice of spots and grabbed the only fairly level one.

We took a couple of nice hikes up the continuation of the deteriorating road, but, at that height, the longest was less than three miles round trip. 

Saw lots of these pretty black and white butterflies.

And what looked like Spanish moss.  I thought that only grew in the southeast.

But this area is mostly used by people with ATVs.  On Friday they started pouring in.  We couldn’t believe it when we saw TWO of these 38 foot toy haulers come around the corner.  Wow!  Although that’s a plus in the trailer column (if you’re keeping track), because a 38’ motorhome would have twisted and popped out a windshield.

By the end of the day, it was no longer a peaceful spot.

We probably will never go back there despite the entertainment of watching the neighbors.  The road was too bad and there was no phone or internet even with the proximity of the town.


  1. Breathing is hard at 9000 feet. And rough roads for the trailer - no thanks. Not even for the cool.

  2. That spot was a bummer. Hope the somewhat cooler weather--at least here in Colorado--gives you more options to park.

  3. Bummer ... shame you didn't at least get to enjoy a peaceful weekend after braving the road.

  4. No phone o internet? Wow, you were really roughing it! :cD