Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sugarite Canyon State Park

Situated outside of Raton, New Mexico, and on the border of Colorado is Sugarite Canyon which was our next stop.  We had already stayed there overnight on our way to Denver in May.  At that time we did a hike during which we spotted cougar prints.  This time we were prevented from hiking by heavy rain and muddy ground.

At Sugarite, there is a choice of camping areas.  One is at the bottom of the canyon along the river and the other is up on the rim.  You would think everyone would choose the top for the views, but the road up is pretty frightening.  Here is our lovely site.

We wanted to see the historic theatre in downtown Raton.  Our friend Mary had taken a tour of the lovely old building and recommended it highly.  Unfortunately when we asked at the visitors center, we were told the man who gives the tour is only there sporadically. We were unlucky and he was not available, but we did peek through the door.

Although the rain prevented us from hiking, it did produce a double rainbow.

But it also revealed that we had a leak at the top of our rear window.  Yikes!  Handyman Ron to the rescue.  What a guy!

Looking down from our site, you can barely see the steep dirt road that climbs up from the canyon to the rim 750 feet higher.

There was a bad fire here about 10 years ago and I thought the morning fog gave the scenery a spooky appearance.

After pulling the fifth wheel up that challenging road, you’d think we would have stayed longer than two nights, but we had to move on to get a good spot at Clayton Lake State Park for the Independence Day celebrations.  Of course this means I'm behind again.


  1. Always some bugs in a new RV. Looks like Ron was well prepared and had caulk on hand. Yep, what a guy! :c)

  2. I'm enjoying all the NM parks via your posts! I carry all kinds of tools, will have to add caulk to my list!! JIC.