Saturday, March 26, 2016

Special Visitors

I know I haven't posted in awhile (okay, a long while), but that's pretty typical for our winters in Mesa.  We have taken some hikes and Ron has had some projects, but I'm not posting on them.  We've also had lots of fun company and I can't resist posting pictures from when Ron's daughter Kelli came with her family.

Here she is with husband Sean, 4-year-old Harper (where does the time go?), and 1 1/2-year-old Elsie.

We did so many fun things, like swimming in the community pool,

And hitting the local playground.

Harper picked a lemon right off the tree for lemonade.

And helped Grandpa pick oranges.

While Elsie played on the car we borrowed from our neighborhood Help Services for their visit.  (We also got a high chair, Big Wheel for Harper, and a play pen for Elsie to sleep in.)

Grandpa buried some quarters in the yard and showed Harper how to use the metal detector to find them.

I don't know how much he liked the process, but he sure appreciated the quarters!

We went to Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction where Harper and Grandpa spent time in jail.

I just had to laugh when Harper kicked the tire on this old truck.

We rode the train.

And watched a shootout on Main Street.

Hum, not sure how much Harper liked that.

We also went to Organ Stop Pizza which Elsie seemed to really enjoy as she bopped along with the music.

But I think Harper's favorite thing was finally getting to sleep in the RV.  One of the reasons we bought this particular house was because we can store it in our yard.  Harper and one of his parents stayed out there two nights while they were here.  He was very excited.

It's hard to get them to sit still, but I did manage to get one picture of Grandpa Ron with Elsie and Harper.