Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ready, Set, Kayak

On our last day at Big Spring, the waters finally reached a manageable level. At 9am, the river was only 1/2 inch over the five foot flood stage. We figured, "What's a half inch?" and off we went.

Since I don't take my camera along on these 'floats', this is Ron's picture of us preparing to put-in. I'm in there, if you look hard enough.

I had checked the weather and knew we were in for a head wind, but figured the swift current would make up for it. However, I almost quit before I started when Bill, who is one of our most proficient kayakers, capsized just as somebody gave him a shove off the bank. It seems the combination of the helpful push and the current just flipped him right over. Whoa!

Benefiting from his demonstration, the rest of us all got off to a good start. That's me in the middle of this picture.

Although the current was swift, there weren't many obstacles (like downed trees) and only one set of rapids which most of us went around. This time Ernie was the sacrificial lamb who showed the rest of us which way not to go. (Never, ever be first going through rapids!)

Just look how happy Ron is!

I shamelessly stole the last two pictures right off of Sharon's blog. To read her version of our adventures, click here.

As for the tick problem, I've been assured that our next and final stop on this kayaking tour is tick free. Or at least they're not as numerous.

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