Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here we are in Quartzsite for the largest gathering of RVers in the world, which is also probably the largest gathering of seniors in the world. Each January this tiny town in the desert of Southern Arizona swells to an estimated million people, most of them in RVs. They come for the Sports, Vacation, & RV Show, followed by the Hobby, Craft, and Gem Show and the Classic Car Show. For RVers, this is Mecca. You can find and purchase anything you want or need to make your RVing experience even more enjoyable, from nuts and bolts to the RV itself.

From the top of 'Q' mountain you can see the whole town as well as lots of RVs parked on the surrounding public land. (I have to confess this picture is from last year - we've been to busy to mountain climb this year.)

This 70,000 sq. ft. tent, the 'Big Tent', is the core of the RV Show and is filled with the excited crowds. (Picture courtesy of the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce.)

Recently we had an 'oops' when a pin came out of one side of the tow bar. After punching a couple of holes in the car bumper, the one arm of the hitch dragged along the road until Ron noticed the problem and pulled over. Here you can see how the steel wore down almost to the vital nut. (You could see it better before it rusted.)

Blue Ox has technicians who service their tow bars here at the RV show. Ron was hoping to just replace parts, but this was beyond their scope. It would have to be sent to the factory and by the time we added up the parts, plus labor and shipping charges, the cost was close to a new one. So now we have a brand new shiny tow bar.

Close to the Big Tent is Tyson Wells with more vendors hawking their wares.

La Mesa is only one of the RV dealers with new and used inventory on hand, but they have the biggest crowds because they provide free lunch! RVers will even stand in line for free food!

Another busy day ends with a spectacular desert sunset. (Alright, this picture is also from last year, but tonight's sunset was very nice too.)


  1. lovin' the pics Barbara! thanks so much for the Christmas card. don't forget FL on your travels! you both are ALWAYS wecome at our home! kam_dld@bellsouth.net love & miss SO much. karen

  2. I might use some of your wonderful pictures on my BLOG :-)