Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Near Goblin Valley SP is a hike that has all the qualities I appreciate - about 4 miles long, interesting scenery, just the right level of challenge, and shade! Little Wild Horse Canyon can be combined with Bell Canyon for what I'm sure is a lovely 8 mile hike. Since that's not for me, Ron and I just went about 2 miles into Little Wild Horse and back out, which I understand is the most interesting part anyway.

Driving to the trail head, we passed Wild Horse Butte. I don't see any horse.

The trail starts as an easy stroll along the creek, luckily dry at this time of the year.

But soon it narrows down into a slot canyon and becomes more interesting.

I had to pose at the required picture spot.

There were a few interesting places that required some rock scrambling, but I was too busy scrambling to take pictures going up canyon. I am very cautious because I don't have good health insurance (well, I would be careful anyway,) but we followed quite a trail that showed somebody wasn't as cautious.

Although we only had one small puddle to cross, obviously that's not the case at other times when the rushing water carves the canyon walls.

There were even swirls like those at 'The Wave' in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

We turned around at this point where the canyon opened up.

On the return down canyon, I tried to remember to record the drops.

This was the biggest drop. Descending wasn't too hard, mostly involving a slide on the bottom, but I would have never made it up without Ron's help.

It's a very fun hike and I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow, that blood wasn't there a few days earlier when I was there. You got better pictures of the hard parts - I agree, I was too busy trying to keep from falling.

  2. Great photos. You would be a great Geocacher! I also use the rear end slide when the terrain is difficult.

  3. Boy, my thighs hurt just looking at your picutres of you doing all that climbing.