Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quartzsite, AZ

On the cover of the Quartzsite Visitor's Guide is the statement, "Quartzsite is not in the middle of nowhere, It's in the center of everywhere." Most of the year, I would argue that statement, but in January, it becomes RVers' Mecca. Ron and I joined 140 of our WIN friends on BLM land north of town. We were some of the thousands who come each year for the Sports, Vacation, and RV Show - scheduled this year from January 16th to 24th. With several swap meets running concurrently, the shopping opportunities are endless. Shockingly, we didn't buy anything. No, wait, Ron bought some socks! I think we've been coming to Quartzsite for too many years.

However our main reason for attending was to visit with friends, some of whom we see only at this gathering. This year I discovered something shocking about myself - I think I've become an introvert! Instead of mingling like a good WIN, I found myself latching on to someone and talking exclusively to that person. Although I was thrilled to catch up with the people I talked to, there were lots of others that I'm sorry I missed. I apologize to all those.

Here is the cover of the RV show program with an aerial view of Quartzsite. You can see the 'Big Tent' on the left, in and around which are all the RV-related vendors. In the foreground are some of the thousands of RVs that park willy-nilly in the desert for this event.

Luckily my birthday is in January and we have an annual tradition involving pizza at Silly Als. I shamelessly stole this picture from Diana's blog, so it might look familiar.

Because of appointments, we left Quartzsite early and are back in Mesa. Last evening we had a torrential downpour and were able to check the drainage around the house. Although the front was fine even with the extended driveway, we had a flood on the back patio. As usual, I missed a good photo op for the blog. Just imagine - Ron out in the pouring rain, creating trenches to channel the rain away from the patio. (Hey! I held the flashlight!)


  1. Welcome home!! No flooding over in my yard, yet.

  2. Flashlight holding is an important job.

  3. Holding the flashlight...isn't that an important job??? Like holding my finger on autodial 911 when Ted is on the roof...or handing him the shovel when we get a lot of snow??? We do important things, right?? ;)(I am a good cook!)