Monday, June 13, 2011

Good and Bad

Well, we're in Redding, CA, which has the reputation of being Hot, Hot, Hot (bad). However, we are staying at the Elks Lodge which has hookups so we can run the air conditioner (good), but we're jammed in here like sardines (bad). The lodge is right on the river with a wonderful bike path right behind it (good), but we figured it would be too hot to bike (bad). Well, you see how it goes. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's $20 a night. Wow! Very bad.

So we left the rig to swelter and ran up the hill to Shasta Dam. On the way, we had some great views of the dam, lake, and Mount Shasta.

The volunteers there claim they have the best dam tour, but I've heard that one before. Personally, I have no desire to walk around inside a giant block of concrete holding back a massive amount of water, so we just watched the video at the visitor center. It was pretty good and I wasn't even claustrophobic.

I don't mind standing on the dam, though. Here's a shot of the very pretty Sacramento River coming out of the dam and the power plant.

By the time we came back to Redding and went out to dinner, it was cooling off and we took a walk on the bike path. I've never seen anything like this railroad trestle. It not only crosses the river, but runs quite a way up the hill.
I wanted so badly to get a picture of a train on the bridge. I even sat for an hour waiting for one to come.

I tried to make a friend along the way, but he just wasn't interested.

The next day we awoke to clouds (bad for pictures, but very good because they kept the temperature down to less than 80.) We took off to see the famous Sundial Bridge.
Well, I don't get it. It's not a sundial and the architect designed it to represent a goose in flight (the pylon is a wing.) So why isn't it the Goose Bridge?

Adjacent to the bridge is a nice botanical garden. Here's Ron admiring the yellow garden.

I go for the unusual like the odd blue/green color on these flowers (which is a Blue Puya from Chile.)

And the interesting Monkey Puzzle Tree.

How about a purple fire hydrant? I never saw one of those either.

This butterfly was kind enough to pose.

And they even had mosaic in the children's garden which I love.

What a sweet lady bug. You can tell she's a lady bug because she has lipstick on.

Then in the afternoon we took the bikes off the back of the rig and rode the whole bike trail. It's about 7 miles of the second most beautiful bike trail ever. (The first is the Hiawatha trail between Montana and Idaho. You probably remember it from Diana's blog. Click here if you want to refresh your memory, but not until you finish reading this post. Ha!)

It runs along one side of the Sacramento River, crosses this bridge (which Ron is on), and comes back the other side. A very pretty ride on a smooth, paved path.

While we were riding, we did come upon a sundial and it was human powered. Since it was cloudy we had to make a quick trip back in the morning to check it out. Ron was the acting human and stood on the indicater for June. As you can see, his shaddow points to between 9 and 10, indicating 9:30. It was actually 10:30 because of the daylight savings time adjustment. Cool, huh?

And miracle of miracles, a train came by just for me. We were a little far away, but that's what cropping is for.

Come to think of it, there were way more 'goods' than 'bads' and I'm so glad we make Redding a stop. Next we'll be jumping up the hill for cooler temperatures.


  1. It looks a good stop with lots of interesting places to visit. Something for everyone. That rail bridge is impressive as is Mt Shasta. No wonder very few Americans have passports as you have such diverse scenery at home.

  2. Its been hot, hot, everywhere including Kentucky! Get used to the high Elks Club prices in California. They tend to average at least $20.00 a night through out California.

  3. Trains only cooperate with me if i am not waiting for them to show up. We dallied three hours one time at the Spiral Train Tunnels in Yoho National Park, BC ... no train. On the return, just as we approached the overlook, we heard the train coming and stopped to see it go through the spirals to make the deep descent. No waiting time whatsoever. Go figure! Cute ladybug, by the way.

  4. $20 a night!? We'd kill (well maybe jump for joy) for that price. Even if we looked like sardines. (Hopefully, we don't smell like them!) CGs are very expensive out East. :c(

    What kind of seeds do you use for the purple fire hydrant flower?

  5. Great shots - looks like you found some great things to do there. I love the sundial.

  6. Photos bring back memories of my stop in Redding last summer.

    Also stayed at the Elks. No complaint from this guy about $20 after checking out some alternate places in the area.

    Not sure who are you saving the money for. You earned it. You spend it.

    Perhaps that purplish water hydrant is to indicate it is non-potable water. Fine for watering the plants. Not good to drink.

  7. Great photos. Really like the Blue Puya from Chile. Who knew there was so much to see in Redding?

  8. Hey, Ted is from that is GOOD!!! Loved the sundial.

  9. is that the famous redding rr from monopoly? ITS super high I bet its thrilling to be on that train--
    SUCH a gorgeous shot of Mt Shasta..and that bike trail really looks like a great one. The best one Ive been on is the one in Basalt CO, but you have to be on your can get run over!!
    HOPE you get a cheaper spot but $20 is not so bad thats like $600 a month and that includes utilities!!

  10. We have been in Redding at least 2X. Next time we will have to stop for more than overnight and take a look around. Great photos!

  11. Oh for a nice bike trail! Wish we had been Elks when in California. Sometimes you just have to pay those exorbitant prices!!!