Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nearby Sights

So what else have we done while enjoying our free campground at Lake Shastina? Well, here are a few of the high points.

This was the most unusual hike. You actually follow the railroad tracks for 1 1/4 miles to reach an equally unusual waterfall.

Mossbrae Falls is only about 50 feet high, but 150 feet wide. The water cascades from numerous springs down into the Sacramento River. It's really quite a sight.

Here's another piece of it.

These pretty flowering bushes were along the trail (or railroad track, in this case.)

We also went to Hedge Creek Falls - a short, but steep hike down from the road. Pretty, but what I was really excited about was spotting an American Dipper or Water Ouzel happily dipping into the rushing water looking for lunch.

Another day we visited the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, located nearby in the National Forest. Dennis Smith, who is the artist and sculptor, lives on site and explained the project to us and answered our questions.

The garden is dedicated to veterans of all conflicts. This is Dennis's version of the famous raising of the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII.

But Dennis also wanted to honor all who serve. This sculpture commemorates nurses, medics, and doctors whose courageous acts save so many lives.

And let us never forget the POW/MIAs.

This sculpture had quite a story. It is called The Peaceful Warrior, one who loves peace but will fight to preserve that peace.

I asked Dennis about the dents on the warrior's chest which appear to be from bullets. I wondered if they were part of the original sculpture or from vandalism. He explained that it was an act of vandalism done by a jealous artist whose designs had been rejected. Wow! I personally thought it added to the meaning of the sculpture, but I'm not sure Dennis would agree.

There are 10 sculptures in all, each one more poignant than the last. We were all very impressed and glad we had the opportunity to see them.

And you know I couldn't post without another shot of Mt. Shasta. We visited a lavender farm and I couldn't resist. This would be better with early morning light and in another week when the lavender would be in full bloom, but we do what we can.

We plan to stay here until our 14-day limit is up or our holding tanks fill up, whichever comes first. With us it will be the tanks, I'm sure.


  1. Love that sculpture very unique..and WATERFALLS are such a great reward after a long hike dont you think?
    I bet that lavendar smells fantastic--sure is a breath taking view for sure!!

  2. Love the waterfalls and the sculptures. I agree that the bullet holes/dents add to the meaning. I think the jealous loser did him a favor.

  3. Well I've been to Weed, Co but never heard of Weed, to check out street atlas. Love that last photo with the lavendar.

  4. Look fantastic, especially spotting the dippers. Dont the lavender fields smell fantastic.

  5. I think you should give a seminar on how to take waterfall pictures!