Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Waterfalls and a Tip

While staying with some WIN friends on public land outside of McCloud, CA, we hopped in the car to do the Falls Loop - Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls. It was Ron and the girls - Ron drove.

Upper Falls, while interesting, was not picturesque, so no picture. Then we found the riverwalk and discovered you can walk between the falls. Cool. Donna kindly volunteered to shuttle the car and the rest of us took off for Middle Falls.

The trail hugged the side of the hill with wonderful views of the rushing water below.

Soon we arrived at Middle Falls where Donna joined us at the overlook and we oohed and aahed over this view.

We learned that it was three times as far to the Lower Falls and the other two ladies decided to join Donna in the car. So it was down to Ron and me. From the overlook, the trail wound down to river level and we discovered that Middle Falls is even more impressive from below.

Then we were off to Lower Falls. As you can see the trail was lovely and shady right along the river.

Here we are at the end with Lower Falls in the background. We are so glad we were with Mary, Ellie, and Donna or we would have had to climb back up!

Now for the tip. Mary told us about a fantastic use for fabric softener dryer sheets. You know those bug remains that are glued on the front of your RV and car? Well, she said you just wet them down with a spray bottle (of water) and rub with a dryer sheet and they magically come off. Having had little success with products like 'Bug Be Gone,' we were skeptical, but Mary said we would be amazed. Well, Donna tried it and we WERE amazed. (I should have a picture, sorry.) Try it yourself and see!


  1. Its looks like a good trip. Thanks for the picture of the Cinder Cone as you hve just enlightened me. One of my favourite bikes was a 1995 Kona Cinder Cone and now I realise where the name came from. Cheers.

  2. Yes, the dryer sheet tip indeed works. Thanks for a glimpse of the waterfalls, on a hot day in Virginia they helped me to mentally cool off :-)

  3. Another neat adventure with great pictures to prove you were there.

    I've heard about the dryer sheets but have not tried them. I'll have to because my MH is a bug magnet.

  4. OH..gorgeous waterfalls and a great hike!! What a cool tip..I will try that too my side mirrors need to be debugged!

  5. Some people love to visit lighthouses but I prefer waterfalls. You just can't see too many. Now off to wash my window.

  6. I don't know how I've missed these falls - they're beautiful! And once again, great shots.