Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Friends and Experiences

But first I have to tell you what I found out about this lovely free campground at Lake Shastina. It wasn't always this nice. I understand that in the past it was used by homeless people (as opposed to those of us who are houseless) and was really a dump. The county has cleaned it up and regularly patrols it now. We have been here for over a week (14 day limit) and the worst problem we saw was a loose dog.

As I think I mentioned, we caught back up with our WIN friends. On a previous trip through this area, Donna had met Jane who lives here in Weed. We had Jane join us for a potluck one evening and she invited us for Sunday brunch. We all brought something (I made lemon poppy seed muffins and Ron brought precooked sausages) and we had quite a feast. I should have gotten pictures before we demolished the food, but I missed that. (We WINs can eat!)

From the left are Ron, Austin, Lois, Claudia, Jane, and Jane's friend Barbara.

Also present were Donna, Paul, Margaret, Ellie, Judy, Mary, and Duane.

Jane has a gorgeous place on 5 acres with three horses. This one is 3 years old and very friendly.

She seemed to take a liking to Claudia's hair.

Jane hitched up Momma who has won numerous ribbons and treated some of us to a ride. Fellow horse woman Margaret was first up. Just look at the view from Jane's backyard!

Like almost every little girl, I read all the horse books and dreamed of having a pony. Then I grew up and realized they're not like big dogs. Margaret snapped this picture of me enjoying a ride around the course.
After our visit with Jane, Ron and I checked out a waterfall that a local man had told us about. It was nice, but not a great picture.

Next we drove the Everitt Memorial Hwy up Mt. Shasta. On the way we stopped for this view of 'The Eddys', the mountain range across the valley. You also can see the town of Mt. Shasta and Lake Siskiyou.

Then we were stopped once again by snow. It didn't look that deep to me, but I guess their snow plowing budget is shot for the year.

We did get closer to the peak and the road only goes another 3 miles anyway.


  1. Beautiful countryside. Does the snow from the roads ever go completely?

  2. I have to say out of all the blogs I read you are in the most beautiful spot of any of us..Amazing!! What a view your hostess has eh?
    Im def adding this place to my Gotta go see list!

  3. I read all about horses as a young girl, too. Living out east, did you ever go to Chincoteaque Island? I hoped to go last summer, but it just didn't fit in.

  4. What fun to meet new friends like that on the road. Beautiful pics.

  5. Finally I'm getting caught up on just reading everyone's blog. Love the pics. Sounds like you're having fun. Tell everyone 'hello'