Sunday, July 7, 2013

Escapade Seminars

Or what we learned at the Escapade.  I thought I'd list the seminars that Ron and/or I attended and mention just one thing that we took away from each.

Highway History & Back Road Mystery - both of us - Didn't really learn anything, but it was given by Nick Russell (author of Gypsy Journal) who is always entertaining.

Microfiber Made Easy - me - Don't use fabric softener (including dryer sheets) or you'll ruin the cloths.

Clean your RV in one hour - Ron - Clean the toilet with Tang - cleans the bowl and freshens the black water tank.

Tire Safety - Ron - Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to rotate the tires on a motorhome (unless there's a problem.)

Co-pilots (something, something, something) - me - This was an added seminar and I don't remember the exact name just that it had my 'co-pilot' title in it, so I went.  It turned out to be on tow bars and braking systems and since we already have both, I could have skipped it.  However Ron complained at the Blue Ox vendor booth how stiff our hitch has been since its annual reconditioning in Quartzsite this past January and a very nice technician came to our rig and did it again (for free.)

Healthy Living to 100 - both of us - A couple of interesting web sites - for brain games and to find organic food stores as you travel.

What Affects Insurance Rates - Ron - This is a shocker - When buying insurance on a jointly owned vehicle, list the woman's name first for a better deal!

RVing with Habitat for Humanity BOF - Ron - Although this was primarily about the Escapees' BOF, you can go on the Habitat website and see where builds are scheduled and if there are openings.  These are builds specifically for RVers, called RV Care-A-Vanners.  Check out the site here.

Mat Cutting and Framing - me - This was given by an Escapee member and I was just curious to see how he cut mats without a mat cutter.  Well, silly me, he had a mat cutter.  My favorite tip was to use that blue painter's tape to attach the picture to the mat.

History of Gillette - Ron - No tips, but he found it interesting.

Veterans' Benefits Discussion - both of us - We were just curious to see if Ron was missing something.  The tip was if you think you qualify for any veterans benefits, go to your local VFW or American Legion.  They usually have somebody who is qualified to help (and you will need it.)

Escape to Mexico with Chapter 8 - me - Escapees Chapter 8 organizes a caravan to different places in Mexico every year.  This year it's 200 miles down the Baja.  If you're interested, they will be posting the information on

Water, Water, Everywhere - Ron - Hmm . . . Don't flush anything down your toilet unless you've eaten it first?  This was given by SKP Mark Nemeth who writes the Mark, My Words column in the Escapees magazine.  He gave out directions on how to install a pump to move some of the grey water to the black water tank.  Since our black water fills up first, and I don't think you could go the other way (Ha), we can't use that.

Pictures with Point & Shoot Camera - me - Since you can't attach filters to these little cameras, she suggested holding polarized sun glasses in front of the lens.  (You know that sounds familiar.  I think Diana told me to do it years ago.)

RV Preventative Maintenance - Ron - This was given by another SKP and he gave out a terrific handout, but no one particular tip stands out.


  1. Wow-I think you got your money's worth. I had tried
    the sunglasses trick, but the color came out funny.

  2. When do you graduate? Its so interesting reading about what goes on in the RV world because we have nothing like this at all in the UK. I can certainly see why the travelling community get together now and again.

  3. All kinds of cool tips in this post, one can never be too prepared!

  4. Some of those tips sound like the same ones I have written down from our first Escapade. Our black tank fills up first also but so many folks don't have this problem and I'm not sure I understand why.

  5. Black tank fills faster if you put the tissue in there. We keep a basket next to the commode and it goes in there and then to the garbage. Have gone 4 weeks without having to dump. Now don't think that is gross. Think of how many diapers are going into the landfills. Or Depends :).

  6. It sure sounds like you had a grand time sitting in class learning new stuff. Tang in the toilet? That's surely a new one I've not heard before.

    Your black tank fills before your gray? We're the other way around, but then we bath regularly... :cD

  7. Maybe I'll try the Tang. If is doesn't work, I can drink it or add it to tea.

  8. Wow, that THAT'S some great information. I think I need to join Escapees now! :-)