Monday, July 29, 2013

Zooming thru Montana

We have only been in Montana for 18 days and tomorrow we're moving on to Idaho.  That's just shameful for such a huge and wonderful state.  And what's even more shameful is that I have yet to post anything about our time here.  I plan to post each day until I catch up.  We'll just see how I do with that goal.

First stop was Little Bighorn Battlefield NM.  Formerly known as Custer's Last Stand, let's face facts, it was actually the Native Peoples last stand.  This was one of the few battles they won in a cause that was doomed from the start.

Headstones mark the fallen soldiers

And natives.

And even the horses are remembered.

To me, it's a sad reminder of a tragic, but inevitable, time in history.


  1. One a day? You'll put me to shame!

  2. How can you leave Montana without visiting Miles City???
    The slant on the history of the Native American's often appears to have been skewed.

  3. I enjoyed visiting the Little Bighorn NM (2008). I had read about the battle over the years, but to see it in person sure gave a different perspective.

    Plus the signs to watch out for rattlesnakes heightened the experience! :c)

  4. You're right - 18 days in this state doesn't even begin to show you anything. But I'm glad you got a chance to experience some of it.

  5. It's a sad, sad place. I was on a solo trip to Montana when I stopped to visit the NM ... there was not a single other person anywhere around ... perhaps that's why the experience made such an indelible impression on me.

  6. My take on the situation was the same as yours. Sad! And then going to the Black Hills from there made it that much more real. Greed is such a terrible thing .
    Sign me "home and bored."