Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in AZ

After my whirlwind trip back east, I'm settled back in our winter house in Mesa. (I keep stressing that it's only a winter place hoping all will go well and we'll be on the road in April like we are planning.) I thought I'd share a few recent pictures.

Although I'm a little embarrassed to post a bird shot that can't compare with the beauties that Sondra posts, here goes. This little guy (or girl) is a verdin that comes to the hummingbird feeder on occasion. You can barely see his chestnut shoulder patches, but the yellow face is obvious.

Ron just loves to snap pictures of me in full leaf-blowing gear. Here he caught me out the kitchen window.

While Ron's brother Mike and sister-in-law Mary were here, we went to see Elvis! In this case, Elvis's real name is Gene Styles and he is simply amazing! He certainly has the looks.To hear a sample of his talent, click here for his website. Listen to his 'Are you Lonesome Tonight' and you will swear Elvis has returned.

He was nice enough to pose with Mary and me, but I meant to ask him to do the 'lip thing' which I call a sneer. He did it during the performance and everybody loved it. He doesn't look as much like Elvis when he smiles.

And I know I'm the last of the bloggers in this area to post pictures of the snow that fell on the Superstition Mountains late last month, but here goes. Here we are hurrying to get closer before it all melts. This is one of my 'through the windshield' shots.

There were a lot of people with the same idea and this was a popular spot.

But what I really wanted was some poppies blooming in the foreground like these in my neighbor's yard.

Now if I was really clever like my sister, I could cut them out and add them to the shot. How's this, Diana? LOL! (I know everybody says that, but I actually do 'laugh out loud.')

Or maybe a whole field of poppies ?!?
By this time the snow was pretty much gone, but it was fun while it lasted.


  1. LOL I love your sense of humor and thank you for the compliment-*blush*-ITS a super photo of the verdin..wish I could add that bird to my life list-- add your post to the World Bird Wednesday--everyone would love to see it--
    the shot of you in your surgical mask--is wonderful!
    Good Job on the cut n paste flowers just needs a little brushing up here and there--lol
    Im so envious--- I missed the poppies last yr and again this yr. SO Im very happy to see these photos of 'em. Still waiting on my ship to land-i know its out there~
    Happy Travels

  2. You always make me lol over something in your blog!! Never lose your sense of humor. Hope to see this summer/fall.

  3. That's a great picture of the verdin. And I love the poppies. Don't you think we had more last year after all the rain?
    I do hope you get on the road next month.

  4. I really did LOL - several times, in fact. Good one!

  5. Are you sure that leaf blowing outfit is really for yard work, or are you practising to hold up a stagecoach?

    I'd try to cut and paste pictures like you did but I'm afraid I'd draw blood and maybe end up missing a finger or two...

  6. Now you have me laughing out loud at your marvelous sense of humor. I once could do all that picture rearranging also but I think I forgot what I knew. Great photos. Love the snow on the Superstitions.

  7. Very clever cut and paste! You make me laugh. I am envious of your lifestyle, although I, too, float around, just not in a motor home. Have a wonderful summer!

  8. I so loved this blog article you so made it fun and I did do a lot of LOL at the end... Great photos..