Wednesday, November 28, 2012


For the holiday, Ron and I drove to San Diego where all of his descendants were meeting.  It's 400 miles from Mesa and even in the car, it took 8 hours.  But at least we didn't have to worry about snow or ice.

We stayed with Kelli, Sean, and Harper, the cutest baby in the world.  In case you've been paying really close attention, yes, they lived in Denver last summer, but moved to San Diego recently.

Kim, Tom, Adam, and Shannon came from Denver, but had their own place to stay for the week.  Here they are on our trip to La Jolla.

Were we saw all the seals and sea lions at Casa Beach.

We visited the San Diego Zoo, where we saw flamingos.

These cute meerkats.

And everybody's favorite, the panda.
The zoo has a baby panda, but it was not yet on public display.

Adam and Shannon impersonated seals peeking out of the ice.

Of course the highlight of the week was Thanksgiving (which also happened to be Shannon's birthday this year.)  Kelli did a wonderful job putting the meal together even with little Harper needing a big piece of her attention.

I realize Ron and Jim were cut out of the previous picture, so here's one of them.  Jim came in from Salt Lake City for the holiday.
Jim always seems to be left out of the pictures - I wonder if he does that on purpose.

It's good to stop and take time to appreciate all we have to be thankful for.  It's not just about turkey and football, after all.

In case you're wondering why there aren't more pictures of the cutest baby, never fear.  The next post will be all Harper!


  1. You certainly had a great time with the whole gang. Fun time with them at the zoo, too. Nothing better than family time.

    However, I'm gonna' have to arm wrestle you over that cutest baby title, I think I've got two of them... ;c)

  2. Good thing there were no polar bears around or those seals might have been goners o-)). Looks like a fun day at the SD Zoo .... one of my favorite places.

  3. A great post, but I can't wait for the Harper post - what a cutie!!!

  4. Thanks for showing us your photos. Our Thanksgiving was very quiet this year with just the two of us. We each had a turkey sandwich.

  5. Great looking Thanksgiving celebration!